Why and for whom?

The EMOXIES playfully reflect different facets of our beautiful country and give you an insight into the Luxembourgish way of life. The Luxembourgish emoji interpretation was developed as a participatory tool for individuals, institutions and other actors to use, apply and share.

They are fun to use and can easily be integrated into your communication, just as regular emojis.

The EMOXIES’ use is not confined to the digital world alone, as other applications in print and audio-visual productions are both thinkable and welcome!


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More than 100 emojis were designed to reflect different facets of our beautiful country. They are grouped into different categories: sport, tourism, gastronomy, emotions… Feel free to use and share them.

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Do you want to share the EMOXIES with your friends? Then download the EMOXIE app and start using them in your chats and social media channels. Happy EMOXie-ing!