Luxembourg operating satellites? When it all started in the mid-80s, the initiative might have caused some to smile, yet it proved pioneering.

Today, Luxembourg is one of the largest satellite operators for communication purposes, and SES’s more than 50 satellites can reach almost the entire world population.

Next stop? Space and asteroids!


In 2017, Luxembourg announced its aim to ‘contribute to the peaceful exploration and sustainable utilization of space resources for the benefit of humankind’.

To the global public, the space resources initiative may have sounded surprising.

But why not? We have proven our courage and innovative spirit, and are keen to take on new challenges, together with our partners. Join us in orbit!


Progress cannot be stopped, they say. But it doesn’t come by itself either.

Although not seeking to reinvent the wheel – or its contemporary equivalents, Luxembourg joins its European partners in systematically promoting innovation and entrepreneurship by way of investments from government and the business community.

Seize the opportunity!

Circular Economy

The model of a circular economy is a key theme for eco-innovation and a hot topic for the economic sector in Luxembourg.

The government, municipalities, numerous companies and other stakeholders are (pro-)actively engaging in the process of going circular.

Awareness is rising, flagship projects are being launched, investments are being made. Let’s pave the way for a more sustainable future! Get involved!


We learn as we grow and when we fall, we find ways to stand up again. Luxembourg has reinvented itself quite a few times and has grown with each experience.

However, growth needs to be sustainable for future generations. That’s why Luxembourg is investing in innovation, supporting start-ups, achieving sustainable growth for all, without neglecting our natural environment.

An in-depth strategic study on the ‘3rd industrial revolution’ in Luxembourg has even resulted in a roadmap to ensure sustainable development for the future.


Along with a touch of creativity, research is the foundation of sustainable innovation, progress and prosperity.

Research in Luxembourg has materialised in the form of considerable investment and an array of dedicated research institutions:, FNR, LIST, LISER and many others.

Luxembourg may be a relatively young research destination, but it’s developing with great promise.


During and after the steel crisis of the 1970th, Luxembourg’s dynamism helped to develop new markets and economic sectors, of which finance was a key element.

Today, Luxembourg is the second largest investment fund centre worldwide, the EU’s first captive reinsurance market and the premier private banking centre in the Eurozone.

We are also a Green Bond giant, with more than 50% of green bonds, worldwide, being listed in Luxembourg.


ICT is big and growing. Well-known names from the ICT sector have set up offices in Luxembourg or are in the process of doing so: cybersecurity, electronic signature, the EU supercomputer, you name it.

Let’s say as much…there are no magic powers at play just cutting-edge infrastructures, strategies and skills.


Ranking high in terms of logistics capabilities, Luxembourg continues to prove itself a strategic gateway to Europe.

Luxembourg’s engrained openness, just like the country’s central location in Europe, have proven to be strategic assets, in logistics and beyond.

Whatever the means of transport may be, Luxembourg keeps developing its intercontinental and multimodal connections across Europe and the globe.


Central to agriculture, food production at scale and medicine, and many other industries, biotechnology is an important field of research, development, innovation and business. Luxembourg is particularly carefully incubating its biotech start-up scene, contributing to an ecosystem of competences, building up Luxembourg’s reputation in the field.


The road to a sustainable future is paved with innovation. How can business value be created by way of innovative and cutting-edge design and technology, while respecting the circular economy principles? Answering this question is the declared objective of the Eco-Innovation Cluster. Here, various stakeholders join forces in seeking environmentally friendly and economically viable solutions, with a special focus on sustainable living and clean technologies

Renewable Energy

Luxembourg is currently ramping up its capacity to produce green energy. Wind power plays a key part in this.

Several new wind parks are in the process of being planned, authorised or constructed, in addition to those already in operation.

Considerable investment is being undertaken across-the-board to raise the country’s potential for renewable energy to the fullest.


Although there is no assembly line in Luxembourg, let alone a national car brand, the automotive industry in Luxembourg is very important. In fact, Luxembourg is a prime location for first and second tier suppliers of automotive components.

Besides manufacturing, the industry’s focus lies on research and development.

The launch of Luxinnovation’s Automobility Cluster, a mobility innovation campus and business incubator, aims to further develop and strengthen this branch of the economy. Stay tuned!


During the short-lived Napoleonic era, Luxembourg was shrugged off as a part of the newly created ‘Department of Forests’.

Today, the appreciation of wood as a natural resource is on the rise, and the importance of this material to the economy continues to grow steadily too.

The recently created Luxembourg Wood Cluster emphasizes this development by offering a platform to all relevant players, spanning from wood production to the end consumers of wood products. A market to watch out for!

Creative Industries

Luxembourg’s creative sector includes different industries with a common objective: building mutually beneficial collaborations to develop ideas and concepts across industry lines.

In Luxembourg, direct contact and exchange is deliberately facilitated between the creative disciplines, mutually enriching all members of a constantly growing community.

Materials & Manufacturing

Innovation and competitiveness remain high on the agenda in Luxembourg and across Europe, with the manufacturing sector’s production and R&D activities playing a key part.

Representing almost a tenth of national employment and nearly 5% of national output, more than 32,000 people work in manufacturing. The fields of metal and chemistry account for a generous share of this, but specialisations such as nanomaterials, composites, biodegradables and recyclable materials are important too.

Would you like to know more? The Materials & Manufacturing Cluster is here to help!


The business of Meetings, Incentives, Congresses and Events spreads its tentacles across many economic sectors, and Luxembourg is positioned as a key player in this field.

We are certainly a MICE destination to watch out for. Whether for business, tourism, institutional gatherings or academia, Luxembourg has venues to suit just about every style, size and type of function.

Together with our excellent gastronomy and large choice of hotels, we would be proud to host your event. Meet you in Luxembourg!


In spite of being a landlocked country, Luxembourg harbours a small, yet constantly growing, maritime sector.

More than 200 vessels operate under the Luxembourgish maritime flag. And dozens of companies, along with hundreds of employees, are active in the field of maritime transportation, dredging, logistics, finance, law, insurance and consulting…

Surprised? Well, the Luxembourg Maritime Cluster has been representing the sectors’ interests for more than ten years! Get on board!


Over the last couple of years, the Luxembourgish music scene has undergone considerable development: not only has the number of bands, solo artists and genres increased, but they have also become more professional, leading to international success and Awards, including the prestigious GRAMMYs!


Even if, over the past few decades, Luxembourg has played a pioneering role in the media sector, the country has a less well-developed tradition of film production.

Nonetheless, things are evolving quickly. The last couple of years have witnessed a fast-developing industry and films of increasing popularity.

Luxembourgish productions, directors and actors have started to become regulars on the international stage, too. Prime example? An Oscar in 2014 for the best short-animated film!  Definitely a sector to keep an eye on!


Today, farmland accounts for about half of Luxembourg’s surface area – a figure that attests not only to the diversity of the national economy, but also to the persisting importance of agriculture in the country’s society and landscape. On flatter ground in the southern half of Luxembourg, ‘Guttland,’ is where you’ll find most of the cereal crops and pasture land. In the hillier north, agriculture is focussed on plateaus and deep valleys and with breath-taking views. Experience the quality of local produce from our country’s farmers!

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