Sports performance

One for all, all for one! Luxembourgers are team players, who never shy from a challenge.

From local sporting groups to professional sportsmen, we love competing in teams. Yet, more and more of us achieve outstanding individual success.

From cycling and horse riding to swimming or tennis, our sportsmen and women all share the same spirit and are proud to show off our country’s colours.

We love sports

Of course it’s not just a fashion statement, this running shoe sums up Luxembourg’s passion for sports in general.

From a very young age, many children join a local sporting club and history has shown that quite a few grow to become the rising stars of tomorrow.

Competing is one thing, organising sporting events another. From cycling competitions to marathons, we’ve become experts in hosting international sports meetings. Tie up your laces!


In Luxembourg, football can be a very sensitive subject indeed. As a nation of a little more than 600,000 people, competing in football with nations of many millions is tough.

But be assured, we are working on it. And when we do happen to reach the world Top 100 teams, or actually draw 0-0 against a footballing nation like France, these become dates to remember!


Given the population’s pool of higher-than-average people, sourcing basketball players is not really a challenge in Luxembourg.

But the professional level achieved in basketball is not just a result of physical circumstances, it’s the fruit of love and dedication. Some players even make it to the NBA, like Alvin Jones in the early 2000s.

If they don’t play in the national league, our talented young men and women join famous international clubs… Returning to Luxembourg, they then help the national team compete internationally. Aim high!


Played in many local clubs across the country, handball is very popular.

Containing elements from both soccer and basketball, this fast, intense and dynamic game seems to be a ‘southern sport’ as the most successful Luxembourg clubs are all located in that region: Esch-sur-Alzette, Dudelange, Berchem, Differdange, Bascharage…

But enthusiasm for handball is found in every match!


Tennis is another popular sport in Luxembourg. The oldest club – the one in Diekirch – was founded in 1902.

Reaction time is important, but it’s not enough if you want to be a really good player.

Gilles Muller, Luxembourg’s best male player, is one of the best in the world. He is known for his powerful serve and his physical strength. Following in the footsteps of Anne Kremer (who was ranked 18th), and Mandy Minella, we are currently witnessing the rise of a new young talent in the women’s tour, Eleonora Molinaro.

If you want to experience the best international female players live, come and see them at Luxembourg’s biggest tennis event of the year: the Luxembourg Open.


Road cycling and mountain biking can definitely both be considered national sports.

Our roads are in top-notch condition and come with great views of the countryside. Indeed, cycling runs through Luxembourg’s veins:  We have 4 Tour de France winners – François Faber (1909), Nicolas Frantz (1927 et 1928), Charly Gaul, the “Angel of the Mountain” (1958) and Andy Schleck (2010).

More recently, Bob Jungels won the 2018 Liege-Bastogne-Liege. More and more young talents are gearing up to cross the finish line as winners. Who’s next?


As a land-locked country, it might not be obvious at first, but Luxembourgers love to swim.

Is this the result of our love of the Belgian and French coasts? That’s wild speculation! When they want to take a dip, residents can choose between countless modern swimming pools and many lakes and rivers.

On a sporting level, we can boast of some very talented swimmers competing at an international level. From the 10 Luxembourgish participants at the last Olympic Games, 3 were swimmers.

Hot-air balloon

Everywhere in the world, people are fascinated by flying. And Luxembourgers are no exception. Which is probably why hot-air ballooning, with its aura of pioneering discovery and the competitive spirit, attracts such great interest. The main event is the biannual Luxembourg Balloon Trophy, an international, high-level sports competition and thrilling happening for all visitors. In 2018, Luxembourg baptised a balloon of its own, LX-BLX which will fly in competitions all over the world. Happy spotting!


As you know by now, Luxembourg is a great place to discover special, and sometimes a bit unusual things.

We excel at sports like cycling, but we are also willing to take on our rivals in slightly more unusual competitions.

As a table soccer world champion and number 2 at ninepins, we know how to score. Bravo! Go go go!


Despite tough competition from across the globe, Luxembourgers know how to win medals at international competitions.

Today, just as in the past. Elsy Jacobs, first female cyclist world champion (1958) and athlete Josy Barthel, an Olympic gold medallist in 1952, are just two prime examples of athletes who excelled in their sports back in the day.

Nowadays, sportsmen and women like tennis player Gilles Muller, cyclist Christine Majerus or cyclist Bob Jungels have recently made it all the way to the top at tournaments and races, triggering much joy back home.


Only the very best make it to the podium.

We all remember the brothers Andy and Frank Schleck finishing the Grand Boucle 2011 (Tour de France) in second and third position and standing together on the winner’s podium in Paris.

This was just about the only thing, which could have topped their shared success on the 17th stage of the Tour de France in 2009, during which Frank won and Andy took 3rd place.

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