Welcome to the world of Emoxies

With their signature look, the Luxembourg Emojis – or as we call them EmoXies – playfully reflect different facets of our beautiful country.

Designed to give you an insight into the Luxembourgish way of life, the EmoXies are all yours to use and share. Happy EmoXie-ing!

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Moien Moien
Äddi Äddi
Applause Applause
Space Space
Innovation Innovation
Renewable energy Renewable energy
Airplane Airplane
Tram Tram
In Love In Love
Hot-air balloon Hot-air balloon
Bee Bee
Funicular Funicular
Fireworks Fireworks
Multilingualism Multilingualism
Beer Beer
Crémant Crémant
Wine Wine
Hämmelsmarsch Hämmelsmarsch
Gromperekichelchen Gromperekichelchen
Weather Weather
Alles Guddes! Alles Guddes!
Décke Gas Décke Gas
Merci Merci
Moien Moien
Äddi Äddi
Immens Immens
Mega Mega
Tipptopp Tipptopp
Cool Cool
Bravo Bravo
Go Go Go Go Go Go
Dëlpes Dëlpes
Tutebatti Tutebatti
Elo Elo
Gromperekichelchen Gromperekichelchen
%#*?! %#*?!
Hearts Hearts
In Love In Love
Laugh Laugh
Unhappy Unhappy
Angry Angry
Applause Applause
Handshake Handshake
Thumbs up Thumbs up
Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
Country Country
At the heart of Europe At the heart of Europe
Crown Crown
Grand Ducal Palace Grand Ducal Palace
Multilingualism Multilingualism
Schengen Schengen
University University
Philharmonie Philharmonie
Mudam Mudam
Fortress Fortress
Red Bridge Red Bridge
Golden Lady Golden Lady
Flag Flag
Roude Léiw Roude Léiw
Fireworks Fireworks
Ferris wheel Ferris wheel
Superjhemp Superjhemp
Melusina Melusina
Renert Renert
Maus Ketti Maus Ketti
Dikrecher Iesel Dikrecher Iesel
Hämmelsmarsch Hämmelsmarsch
Sprangprëssessioun Sprangprëssessioun
Péckvillchen Péckvillchen
Veianer Noss Veianer Noss
Literature Literature
Art Art
‘Stauséi’ ‘Stauséi’
Kayak Kayak
‘Éislek’ ‘Éislek’
Schiessentümpel Schiessentümpel
Forest Forest
Valley of 7 Castles Valley of 7 Castles
Mosel Mosel
Red rocks Red rocks
Industrial heritage Industrial heritage
Mullerthal Mullerthal
Exploring Exploring
Hiking Hiking
Sunny Days Sunny Days
Rainy days Rainy days
Camping Camping
Amid nature Amid nature
Vianden Vianden
Satellite Satellite
Space Space
Innovation Innovation
Circular Economy Circular Economy
Growth Growth
Research Research
Finance Finance
Logistics Logistics
Biotech Biotech
Eco-Innovation Eco-Innovation
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy
Automotive Automotive
Wood Wood
Creative Industries Creative Industries
Materials & Manufacturing Materials & Manufacturing
Maritime Maritime
Music Music
Film Film
Agriculture Agriculture
Beer Beer
Crémant Crémant
Wine Wine
Gromperekichelchen Gromperekichelchen
‘Kachkéis’ ‘Kachkéis’
Haute Cuisine Haute Cuisine
Grillwurscht Grillwurscht
Rieslingspaschtéit Rieslingspaschtéit
Sports performance Sports performance
We love sports We love sports
Football Football
Basketball Basketball
Handball Handball
Tennis Tennis
Cycling Cycling
swimming swimming
Hot-air balloon Hot-air balloon
Trophy Trophy
Medal Medal
Podium Podium
plane plane
Tram Tram
train train
Funicular Funicular
Bus Bus
Bicycle Bicycle
e-Bike e-Bike
E-Car E-Car
Dog Dog
Cat Cat
Horse Horse
Cow Cow
Rooster Rooster
Rabbit Rabbit
Bee Bee
Deer Deer

Have you got an idea for an Emoxie ?

The first set of EMOXIES covers a wide range of standard themes representative of Luxembourg. Nevertheless, we do not want to leave it at that, since our first set of EMOXIES and themes is non-exhaustive.

If you have a suggestion for an EMOXIE, that you think is both relevant and representative of Luxembourg, we are all ears!